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Lavender Sachets

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We don't know a lot of people who use lavender sachets in their drawers anymore, but the question is . . . why not? When they can be this pretty and make your clothes smell wonderful, sachets are a little dose of timeless luxury. Purlbee.com, one of our favorite craft blogs (run by one of our favorite fabric stores, PurlSoho,) has directions for sewing and a link to the beautiful fabric! Enjoy!

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Sweet Little Dress

Spring always gets us in the mood for adorable little girls' dresses in cute prints or a fun mix of solids. This dress, complete with optional apron on top and bloomers beneath perfectly fits the bill! The pattern is available on Etsy.com for $6.99 by seller "TenderfeetStitches." From the looks of the photos, [...]

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A Cover-Up/Changing Towel

We love when “amateur” seamstresses take their creativity and turn it into a business! That’s just what Shelly Ehler did after creating this towel for her kids to be able to change out of their bathing suits in public. She appeared on the t.v. show “Shark Tank” and got amazing exposure for this [...]

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Japanese Zakka

How is it that the Japanese always seem to have edge on all things sweet and cute? Zakka, a term for household goods, is a good example of this, encompassing a vast range of adorable, charming little things for the home. Most instructional books are in Japanese, but Zakka Sewing, written in English, [...]

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Summer Sun Hats

It’s hard to find a really cute hat to keep the sun off your face, thus making it the perfect sewing project! The free pattern for this reversible hat from Martha Stewart can be a little tricky to follow. Make sure to read the comments before you start–there are lots of helpful suggestions, [...]

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Flamingos. . .With Pockets, Of Course!

Is there anything toddlers love more than zippers, it's pockets! We've seen 15 month-olds spend hours putting things in and out of them. In honor of cute things with pockets, we bring you this adorable project from Jen of "The Crafting Fiend." She provides a template and complete directions!

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Adorable Baby Summer Hats

Jaime and Jacinda of PrudentBaby.com have created this beautiful little hat, and provide the pattern and complete instructions on their site! The fabric is s a home-decor weight Etsuko Furuya from Fabricworm. So sweet!

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Art Caddy Tote

Now that kids are heading back to school and their inside activities, they could really use something like this adorable art supply tote to help them get organized! The pattern is available on Etsy from Gingercake Sewing for $7. The choice of fabric really makes a dramatic difference in the look, and can easily [...]

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Sewing Tables vs. Ordinary Tables

Having a beautiful and functional sewing table, like the Arrow Florie, (shown above) can be life altering! They’re great for extra storage, but that’s only part of the story. The real advantage of a sewing table or cabinet (over your dining room table) lies in the sewing well—a platform set into the [...]

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Lunch Bags

I admit to carrying my lunch is a plastic grocery bag on more than one occasion. It's not a great look! "Lunch Bags," sold by the Etsy store "Just Laminates," could very well solve this problem! It features not only lunch bags but sandwich wraps--so environmentally friendly! Just Laminates has some [...]

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